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How to lubricate machines automatically?

This electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is primarily designed to compensate the performance of conventional gas type automatic grease lubricator. It also offers superior advantages in cost competitiveness and user friendliness. The Lubricator consists of a vertical self-priming pump, microprocessor control system, and large LCD display. This product is ideal for applications where: considerable back pressure in lube line exists, a precise lubricator is required, or a disposable gas type lubricator is not economical.


  • Cost effective by use of replaceable grease pouch and battery pack (Service pack)
  • High output pressure (30 - 60kg/cm² (425 - 850 psi))
  • Remote and multi-point installation up to 8 points, max 6 meters (20 ft) per point
  • Selectable grease pouch: 60, 125 and 250cc
  • Durable and reliable engineering
  • Simple, user friendly programming
  • Easy-to-read user friendly LCD screen
  • Available dispensing periods: 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 and Half (H) months


Automatic grease dispenser, battery operated, advanced electronic control mechanism providing reliable cost effective lubrication for any component requiring regular lubrications e.g.. slides, bearing, and seals.
Typically for motors, pumps, conveyors, agitators etc. 125 cc and 250 cc unit size is available.

Application in Field

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Description
Grease Pouch 60, 125, 250cc (replaceable)
Operating Pressure 30~60kgf/cm² (425~850psi)
Operating Temperature Range -15˚C ~ 60˚C (5˚F ~ 140˚F)
-40˚C ~ 60˚C (-40˚F ~ 140˚F)
*with optional Lithium Battery Pack
Power Supply DC 4.5V Battery Pack (Replaceable)
Available Dispensing Periods
60cc - 1~12 months
125cc/250cc - 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 and Half (H) months
Dispensing Volume (cc/pump cycle) Approx. 0.34cc/cycle @ 20˚C
Product Size
60cc : Ø91mm(3.6") x 183mm (7.2")
125cc : Ø91mm(3.6") x 183mm (7.2")
250cc : Ø91mm(3.6") x 210mm (8.2")
60cc : 777g (1.71 lb)
125cc : 860g (1.89 lb)
250cc : 1,050g (2.31 lb)
Certifications / IP code CE / IP54
Multi Point Lubrication Up to 8 points
Remote Installation Up to 6m (20ft) using a 6mm (1/4") O.D.pre-filled lube line
Installation Thread Size 3/8" Male BSPT (NPT Converter Available)
Packaging 8 Units/Case


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