Micfil International - Slogan: it's time to go green!

micfil is committed to improving the environment


As we have mentioned in our website Oil does not get old, it gets better through use, but only if it is treated properly.

Using our products for oil in your engines, gearboxes, hydraulics etc. is going to save thousands of gallons of used oil from having to be disposed of.

Oil changes and disposal are two of the weakest points in the life cycle of oil. In some cases it can lead to leakages or spills and contamination of the soil or water.

This contamination stays in the ground for many years or seeps into the ground water.

Sometimes when people change the oil in their engines, they dump the used, dirty oil on the ground or down the storm sewer. The rain carries the oil with the metals and particles from the car engine into streams and creeks. If you added up all the oil dumped on the ground in a year, it would equal or surpass a serious oil tanker spill.

Just one quart of oil may pollute up to 150,000 gallons of water!

But even when we consciously dispose of oil correctly, spills happen, I have seen many an oil collection point which looks more like an ecological disaster then a collection point.

Of course every time that oil has to be transported it is in danger of spillages.

Not to mention the fact that we are paying for the same oil over and over again!!

Keeping your oil

On an optimistic note: if everybody had our filters and every car, truck, generator, gearbox or hydraulic system only ever needed one fill-up (with the occasional top up) of oil in its lifetime, the need to transport large amounts of oil around the world from their place of production would dwindle and the chances of accidents and spillages during transport would be considerably reduced .

micfil - it's time to go greencfil - it's time to go green


Reducing Emissions

Every day we talk and hear about the damage we are causing to the biosphere and wait for someone to make it better.

micfil uses an Ultra-Fine Filter with 0.5 micron and Fuel Filter system which includes a magnetic system on the injectors and fuel lines. This system improves lubrication with less – much less – wear and without oil changes. Additionally it gives you less fuel consumption and much less carbon residues through clean and magnetized fuel.

Micfil ultra fine diesel filters, in conjunction with our fuel optimizers and VRchips

have shown a considerable reduction of particulate emissions.

Car emissions kill 30,000 people each year in the U.S.

Using our products is a start to making it better.

micfil - it's time to go greenmicfil - it's time to go green


It really is the ”time to go green”

micfil - it's time to go greenWe each need to make changes to the way we use the earth’s resources. Our environment needs it more now then it ever has.

The impact on the environment of using Micfil products is going to be great.

We look forward to being part of that change