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Nice flat with floor heating used with heating foil
Nice flat with floor heating used with heating foil under the wood
Heating Foil under Laminate floor as an alternativ for usual floor heatings
Heating foil ready to install
Heating foil as floor heating - warm feeds

Low cost heating with heating foils

With the heating foils, it is possible to heat items in many ways. Due to the modern technology of coating Suisse is the heatfoil  extremely efficient. Those foils are flexible, which makes it possible to heat nearly everything - comfortable, easy and with low costs!


Usage and Applications:

  • Entire laminate and floor heating
  • Parquet and wood floor
  • Ceramic, stone and concrete floors 
  • Wall and ceiling areas 
  • Glass and mirror heating 
  • Against condensation and moisture fogging
  • To mold growth and damp-cold bridges
  • floors, walls, ceilings in vehicles 
  • Aircraft assemblies, floors, Cargo 
  • Trucks, ships, cargo and passenger cabins  
  • Caravan, Homemobile, Weekend Homes 
  • Alternatively, power operated, solar-wind energy   
  • suitable it wet areas
  • SPA's, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, old people's homes 
  • Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, warehouse, production
  • Livestock, stables 
  • Horticulture, greenhouses
Heating foils used as floor heating
Used as floor heating

Heating Foil in vehicles
Heating Foil in vehicles

Heating Foil behind mirrors
Heating Foil behind mirrors

TOP Benefits

IR - View of heating foil
IR - View of heating foil
  • CO2 Neutral - eco-friendly
  • Increases the well-being
  • No drying of the air
  • High efficiency> 95%
  • High operational reliability
  • easy installation
  • low installation costs
  • Low power consumption