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Benefits of Micfil Fuel Optimizing System

  • Removes solid contaminants down to 0.5 μm
  • Up to 20 times better filter performance than standard fuel filter
  • Better engine performance through optimized combustion
  • Smoother and quieter engine operation
  • Reduction of fuel consumption by as much as 9%
  • Less soot and carbon formation
  • Prevention of combustion residues
  • Protection of fuel injector nozzles, injector pumps and valves
  • Less carbon particles in lube oil
  • Longer life span of standard fuel filters
  • Prevention of tank sludge

Fuel contamination

Diesel fuel is composed of long chained hydrocarbon molecules and is prone to changes due to its nature as an organic fluid. Chemical reactions and micro organisms create the formation of larger particles that cause poor combustion and deposits.


fuel contaminationfuel contamination


Main reasons for fuel contamination:

Most tank sludge is caused by clustering. Chemical reactions cause the hydrocarbon molecules to cluster and grow in size. The fuel becomes cloudy resulting in inefficient combustion as the individual molecules can’t get enough oxygen during the ignition process.

Water in the tank (mainly condensation caused by temperature differences) creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, yeast and algae on the barrier layer between water and fuel. These micro organisms and their excrements become a dark slimy deposit. Bacteria can form quickly. In perfect conditions, they multiply every 20 minutes. Micro-organisms and their excrements clog filters and fuel lines. In extreme cases, this will cause blockages of the entire fuel system and engine breakdown.

Negative results of fuel contamination:

  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Higher emissions – especially carbon (soot)
  • Combustion residues
  • Damage to valves, valve seat inserts, fuel injection pumps and injection nozzles
  • Increased carbon content in the lube oil
  • Formation of tank sludge
  • Shorter lifespan of filters