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Micfil POLYdrive

Extend your drums with a special cover

Micfil POLYdrive

The renewing of worn friction linings was yesterday – nowadays H.I.-TEC POLYdrive™ drums are used for conveying.

Micfil PolyDrive
Micfil PolyDRIVE PVA

The revolutionary polymer coating allows easy conveyance of bulk material even when other friction linings would have long given up especially in wet operation. High coefficients of friction, extremely acid resistance and its anti-magnetic behavior make the H.I.-TEC POLYdrive™ the first choice of modern bulk material goods conveyance.

Whether drive drums in solid body (PVA) or tension design, you will always be served with the highest possible level of reliability and tractive power.

Our casting knowhow allows us to offer an upgrade of the existing drums applying the polymer casting technology (PRA). The drum body delivered is cast onto the closest possible drum diameter (see chart)


We can make any size

Drive drum, normal drum, complete out of polymer or refitted old drums with our technique instead in rubber or we can do normal drums also in steel or stainless steel.



Micfil PolyDrive
Micfil PolyDRIVE PSA
  • shaft executed in St52.3 (S355J2R) or stainless steel.
  • individual production based on customer drawings.
  • high quality shaft-hub-connection with locking devices
  • (e.g. System – Bikon)


Micfil PolyDrive
Micfil PolyDRIVE PRA
  • Superior friction values - even in wet conditions
  • Extremely long service life with no or much less abrasion
  • Largely resistant to acid
  • Anti- magnetic material
  • Highly economical

Testresults with different covers and working conditions

Working Condition Uncoated steel rooler sleek Polyurethane friction lining (arrow grooving) Rubber friction lining (arrow grooving) Ceramics friction lining (arrow grooving) Polymer cast POLYdrive™
dry 0,35 - 0,4 0,35 - 0,4 0,4 - 0,45 0,4 - 0,45 0,8
wet 0,1 0,35 0,35 0,35 - 0,4 0,86
wet (with glay etc. contaminated) 0,05 - 0,1 0,2 0,25 - 0,3 0,35 0,80