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Micfil UltraFine Filter

Up to 20 times better filter performance than standard filters

Micfil Ultrafein Filter

The micfil ultra-fine filter can filter very small particles ( 0.5 micron ) in oil, diesel, biodiesel and have a better filtering performance than conventional oil and diesel filters.

Our filters are used worldwide in many industries. Our customers are convinced by the benefits of micfil filters,and experience reduced downtimes, the need for spare parts and save money.

The following models are currently on the market :


Type Flow rate
Housing Certificate
AL50 MINI 50 l/h Aluminium -
AL150 300 l/h Aluminium -
ST150 300 l/h Stainless Steel X
AL300 600 l/h Aluminium -
ST300 600 l/h Stainless Steel X
AL600 1200 l/h Aluminium -
ST600 1200 l/h Stainless Steel X

micfil ultrafine filters for engine and transmission oil

»better lubrication and less wear without oil changes«
Micfil ultrafine filters for motoroil / transmissionoil
  • Removes solid contaminants down to 0.5 μm
  • Up to 20 times better filter performance than standard filters
  • Improves lubrication capability
  • Prolongs life span by reducing wear
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micfil ultrafine filters for hydraulic oil

»clean, water free hydraulic oil and prevents damage and faults«
Filter for Hydraulic Oil Maintenance of hydraulic oil is often neglected. Regular maintenance of oil is a crucial factor for faultless operation. The components in a modern hydraulic unit glide on an oil film of less than 10 μm. This fine oil film guarantees the smooth operation of the system, however it requires clean oil.

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micfil ultrafine filters for fuel and bio-fuel

»clean fuel protects injection nozzles and injection pumps«
Filter for Fuel and Biofuel micfil ultrafine filters for fuel with a filter performance down to 0.5 μm and the ability to absorb moisture the micfil ultrafine filter offers a much better filtration than standard fuel filters. Damage to injection pumps and nozzles can be avoided.

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