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ultrafine filters for fuel

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UltraFine Filters AL + ST Series With a filter performance down to 0.5 μm and the ability to absorb moisture the micfil ultrafine filter offers a much better filtration than standard fuel filters. Damage to injection pumps and nozzles can be avoided. The flow rate capacity per micfil ultrafine filters are:


Type Flow rate
Housing Certificate
AL50 MINI 50 l/h Aluminium -
AL150 300 l/h Aluminium -
ST150 300 l/h Stainless Steel X
AL300 600 l/h Aluminium -
ST300 600 l/h Stainless Steel X
AL600 1200 l/h Aluminium -
ST600 1200 l/h Stainless Steel X

Installation of the micfil ultrafine filter is carried out in accordance with individual requirements:

  • Between the fuel feed pump and the standard fuel filter
  • Between the main tank and the day tank
  • As a separate fuel maintenance system with a fuel feed pump

Fuel analysis

Excellent filter performance of the micfil ultrafine filters becomes obvious with heavily contaminated fuel. A fuel analysis with a particle count shows the following results:

Standard Particle size/Amount without a micfil filter with a micfil filter
ISO 4406 > 2 μm in 1 ml 28 177 204
NAS 1638 > 5 μm in 100 ml 1 523 447 18 113

Without Micfil Filter With Micfil Filter