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MICFIL - ECO 300 Automated Fuel Maintenance System

Micfil ECO 300 Main

The Micfil - ECO 300 is a fully automated fuel cleaning system. The unit removes sludge, water and contaminants and keeps the fuel tanks free from fuel micro-organism. Our Micfil components consist of the following components: a FO 10 Fuel optimizer, WS 500/ 10 micron, Digital programmable timer, Time controlled pump and the AL 300 Fuel fine filter. The fine filter are able to keep the fuel free of particles down to 0.5 micron as well as water free. The System will restore the diesel to a clean bright condition at all times.

The Micfil – ECO 300 system with its 0.5 micron filtration and water block filter, together with our highly efficient fuel optimizer, are guaranteed to reduce injector and fuel pump failure, reducing downtime, approximately 40% of carbon residue in the air. The wall mounted cabinet system maintains the fuel tanks at ALL times.

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Technical Details

Component Description


Fuel Optimizer

WS 500

Water separator /Pre filter 10 μ  

Micfil AL 300

Filter 0.5 μ submicron particle filtration

 “Zero Water Block”

Micfil FE 300

Filter Element replacement interval 400 – 800 hours at 300L per hour

Flow Rate:

600L per hour  ( system can be made for any flow rate)

Filtration Controller

Digital smart controlled  Interface Timer ON / OFF Switch and manual  override button


Over pressure switch 2 bar  with alarm light

float switch  in trip tray for emergency pump stop


Filter housing  Aluminium  ALMG 4.5  see water  grade   max press  20 BAR

stainless steel  on request            316 food grade    

Fitting high pressure hydraulic fittings and pipes  to the highest  German  industry NORM


12 /24 or 220  Volt Electric Motor  /Gear pump  heavy duty pump


IN/ OUT: ½ inch

Stainless Steel Cabinet

 Inside: Powder Coated Aluminium base with colourer blue or white +  trip tray


72x 600 x 320 dimensions can slightly vary


45 kg

Optional Extras

Optional extra components and features can be fitted to the client’s specification and requirements, where necessary TBA.         Automatic purge system for water separator


One year against manufacturer’s defects


NB - Not for use with Fluids that have a Flash point below 100°F or 38°C.



  • MICFIL FO 10 Fuel Optimizer
  • MICFIL WS 500 Water Separator
  • Automatic purge system
  • MICFIL AL 300 Fine Filter 0.5 micron particulate, 250 ml zero water block
  • 230 V heavy duty pump 1400 rpm for 10 ltr /min 600 ltr/hr
  • Flow rate 600 ltr/hr.
  • 10 bar Pressure Gauge
  • Adjustable pressure switch 3.5 bar for pump stop when filter is blocked
  • Over pressure switch 2 bar with alarm light
  • Safety red or yellow alarm light
  • Smart automatic Control Box with timer
  • Drip tray with drip tray leak detector
  • Port size in/out: 1/2”
  • Stain less steel Cabinet, lockable
  • Dimensions: 60cm (L) X 30cm (D) x 60cm (H)
  • Weight: +/- 56 kg
  • Warranty One year against manufacturer defects
  • Warning - Not for use with fluids that have a Flash Point below 100°F or 38°C.

Basic System Components

Components of Micfil ECO 300

  1. Main switch
  2. Emergency switch
  3. Standby and Error light
  4. Pump running light
  5. Timer for automated system
  6. Water purge system for excess water from water separator
  7. System reset and stop function
  8. Manual Switch for pump