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Oil Testsdevice - Simple control of the engine oil condition



Öl Test MachineThe oil tester measures the effect of all contaminants and electro chemicals that occur in synthetic and petroleum based oils, such as metal, other particles, water, and fuel. This is achieved by detecting and measuring the oils dielectric constant.

By comparing the measurements obtained from used and unused oils of the same make and grade, the oil tester is able to determine the degree of change in oils dielectric constant.

Dielectric change is directly related to the contamination level and degradation of oil, rather it shows that an oil change in a technically sound engine is not necessary after installing the micfil ultrafine oil filter.

The oil tester also detects any sudden increase in mechanical wear and loss of the oils lubricating properties in the case of a defect in the engine. This early detection of a defect can prevent a complete mechanical failure of the engine and save high repair cost.

This oil tester does not replace a comprehensive oil analysis.

Micfil Sensor

Oil Condition Sensor

  • Detect when an oil is no longer fit for service
  • Internal processing power offers wide interface options
  • Take action on the first indication of change

The Micfil Oil Condition Sensor goes beyond normal protection systems. It monitors the root cause of lubricant and machine failure, putting the user in control. Know exactly when to change the oil based on condition, not on historical schedules.

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Mobile Laser Partical Counter

Portable fuel cleanliness analyser

Whether on-site or in the laboratory, the Particle Pal will provide instant cleanliness readings to allow you to fully understand the condition of your oils and fuels. The Particle Pal is a self contained system, complete with integral pump and controlled flow rate. The Particle Pal can draw from fuel or oil stored in tanks or from sample bottles. Fluid samples are analysed quickly and accurately, thereby minimising the frequency of laboratory analysis. 

Powerful trending software allows data to be displayed in graphical format for real-time trend analysis. The most cost effective fuel and oil cleanliness monitor on the market.

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  • Instantly measure the quality of oils and fuels
  • Ideal survey tool for field and laboratory use
  • Sample from fuel tank or sample bottle
  • Alerts to the presence of water and diesel bug in fuels