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Bulk Filtration for
  • Refineries, oil or fuel
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Ships
  • Mines
  • Fleet centers

For large industrial applications and when large quantities of fluids need to be filtered in a short time, micfil Filters and Fuel Optimizing Systems now manufactures a range of bulk fluid filtration systems, both fixed and mobile.

High Flow Delivery System

Point of use filtration ensures that the fluid going into use is of free contaminants that may have been picked up in storage or final transfer. These filters allow for minimal effect on flow, but will have quality clean fuel going into each application that will achieve maximum performance and eliminate system failures due to fluid contamination.

Fixed systems are ideal for a number of applications including:

Micfil Bulkfilter FB 1000 / 900 / 32
FB 1000 / 900 / 32
  • Bunkering services, refineries, fuel and oil distribution.
  • Fuel farms and storage installations, particularly in areas where fuel is routinely contaminated.
  • On sites with large turn-over in fluids. Also large stationary engines and generators.
  • The filter inserts are manufactured in different sizes
    FB 1000/900- FB 600/900- FB 600/600 – FB 600/300
  • The filter inlets and outlets of the bulk filtration system can be closed individually

Mobile systems are ideal where the operator is maintaining a fleet of vehicles or machinery which requires periodic, rather then continuous filtering capability. These include:

  • Ships, Ferries, Cruise Ships
  • Mine sites which have a range of vehicles at different locations.

Universal needs for fuel cleanliness

Most diesel fuels are delivered from the refinery at a cleanliness level of 22/21/18, an ISO level that is, by today’s requirements, far from clean. Further contaminants constantly find their way into bulk storage tanks and come from numerous sources. New fuel deliveries, insufficient breather filters, condensation and the use of corroding infrastructure (old tanks or pipe work) are just some of the sources of contamination in bulk fuel storage facilities.

Micfil has developed a cost effective, efficient solution in the form of our Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration range.

Pictures of FB 600 / 900 / 16

FB-Black.jpg FB-Front.jpg FB-24-SUMATRA-4.jpg IMG-20140712-WA0002.jpg FB-Out1.jpg FB-Pressure.jpg FB-Side.jpg FB-TOP.jpg FB1-1.jpg FB2.jpg FB3.jpg

Technische Informationen

Micfil Filter Inserts (FE) FE 300 FE 600 FE 900
Material: Special tear fibers
Diameter 113 mm 113 mm 113 mm
Length 300 mm 600 mm 900 mm
Water Retention 250 g 500 g 750 g
Dirt holding capacity 800 g 1.6 kg 2.4 kg
Flow rate Diesel Fuel: 600 ltr / hr 1200 ltr / hr 1800 ltr / hr

Micfil Filter Inserts (HF - High Flow) HF 300 HF 600 HF 900
Material: Special tear fibers
Diameter 113 mm 113 mm 113 mm
Length 300 mm 600 mm 900 mm
Water Retention none none none
Dirt holding capacity 430 g 870 g 4.3 kg
Flow rate Diesel Fuel: 800 ltr / hr 1600 ltr / hr 2400 ltr / hr

FE/ HF Flow rates for Diesel 

Article number Type Qnty of inserts Flowrate
(ltr / min)
(ltr / hr)
Ø mm Height mm
FB600/600/16 HF 600 16 480
28800 600 1135
FB600/600/16 FE 600 16 320 19200 600 1135
FB600/900/16 HF 900 16 640 38400 600 1430
FB600/900/16 FE 900 16 480 28800
600 1430
FB1000/900/32 HF 900
FE 900
32 960


HF = High Flow = water retundant; FE = water  block

Excel - Possible Model Range